Digital marketing: 8 platforms to train for free

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Digital marketing: 8 platforms to train for free

Throughout the year of 2020, the Covid crisis has pushed many professionals to rethink their way of working and to apprehend the digital world. We have seen a boom in the use of platforms and websites for training.

“70% of participants to the survey said that working from home has had an impact on the ways they train themselves and 88% think that they will train more by themselves after lockdown.” (Reference:

This type of training, whose democratization has been accelerated by the crisis, has many advantages. The online training, as well as giving access to an enormous quantity of information gives you very big flexibility. Easy access with the capability of learning at your own speed, diversity and free for some are these arguments that could convince you to step in. Today, if you are motivated by curiosity, the professional necessity or by the want to stand out at the hiring stage, it is most likely that you are already interested in online training.

In a former article, we speak about HubSpot and its learning platform, but do you know that others exist? In this article, we have decided to introduce you 8 platforms proposing free training to learn digital marketing and other disciplines by yourself. For the people who are in a hurry, curious, passionate, professionals, students or those who are looking for a job or reconversion, be sure that many training courses could suit you.

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1. The Fully free training courses


Digital workshops or digital garage

Probably the most well-known platform in the digital world, they offer diverse training and online courses. In the form of modules with short videos, the lessons will allow you to get digital training online step by step without putting any pressure on yourself.

The digital workshops have 28 online lessons to train yourself at your own rhythm. If you are not scared of English, on the English version of Digital Garage, there are 152 diverse and varied lessons that are offered in partnership with prestigious English universities. If you have not yet heard about the “fundamental principles of digital marketing” then do not wait any longer, go for it! The key is, that you receive a recognised certification, valid for 2 years and that recruiters appreciate.

“500 000 people have taken part in Googles Digital Workshops in France since 2012.” (Reference:

Google does not stop there, in addition to online courses, numerous training courses are available. In the form of webinars, you have the possibility to sign up all year round to enrich your knowledge in many subjects. Whether it is “Initiation to cyber security for VSEs/ SMEs” or “How to manage a project and a team remotely?”, you will certainly find what you are looking for!


As we saw in a previous article, is Google this day an indisputable giant of the web and has developed many analysis tools associated with their services. As professionals, if you practice in the digital marketing sector, you will probably be led to use Googles tools, like ‘Analytics’ or even ‘Data studio’. In this case, Skillshop is for you a true goldmine! Google has developed this platform to offer training on their different tools.

“Google Skillshop is the only place where you need to be to learn everything on Googles tools, improve your skills and obtain a certificate.” (Reference:

In the same way as digital workshops, the training will allow you to learn the functionality of the desired tool, thanks to interactive modules with explanations, explanatory videos and questions. Skillshop also offers certifications testifying your aptitude to use the tools. Whether it’s to familiarise yourself with Google Ads, Google Analytics or even YouTube. Skillshop is THE platform that you need.

HubSpot Academy

Let’s move on to HubSpot. If you are part of our regular readers, you should already know how amazing this tool is. Whether it is for professionals or students this platform offers many resources, of which (as you can imagine) training! HubSpot Academy is the world leader in free online training based on inbound marketing for marketing, sales and client service professionals. Under the format of short on-demand videos or slides, more than 40 training courses in diverse domains are available for all levels and are waiting for you and the platform.

“HubSpot Academy’s mission is to transform the growth of professionals and businesses by giving free online training adapted to the digital era.”  (Reference:

HubSpot offers lessons on marketing, sales, design or even services and where numerous certifications are available. Attend courses on email marketing, content marketing, sales and more. Hubspot’s bonus is that when you validate your training, you are able to add a reward badge for each certification on your LinkedIn profile.

Facebook Blueprint

The Facebook Blueprint platform, as it is mentioned in the name, offers you training on the different social media platforms that Facebook own.

“Discover quick and free online lessons on your own that will allow you to reinforce your marketing skills on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp.” (Reference:

This platform offers you solutions according to your objectives and business type. Whether you wish to gain in notoriety, increase your online sales, whether you are a start-up or a big business, you will, without doubt, find a training course that correlates. Similar to how Skillshop works, you can follow the online lessons, train yourself, obtain a certificate and sign up to the webinars.

SEM Rush Academy

A little more technical, if your thing is SEO analysis, online visibility and marketing, you are going to love SEM Rush Academy! The platform offers you lessons and free online exams on digital marketing. The different levels of difficulty make the training adapt to the people discovering digital marketing or those looking to find and perfect their knowledge. The advantage is that the lessons are in English, French and Spanish according to your preference. Like for HubSpot Academy, once your certification is in the bag, you can share on SEM Rush Academy, on LinkedIn or even on Twitter and Facebook.


2. The partly free training courses

If you wish to go further or learn more specific elements, some platforms also exist where the courses are subject to a fee. But no panic! Here we are only going to show you some platforms where some lessons are accessible for free: either through a free trial or with limited options. As a result, if you really feel the need or utility, it is up to you to sign up a second time to have access to an extended offer according to what interests you. Do you not have found yet your happiness with these free training courses? Let yourself be seduced by the following examples!


SkillShare is defined by Wikipedia as “an American online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos”. The difference between the other platforms presented so far is that you do receive a certificate. The areas covered are more diverse. The lessons are perceived more like face camera tutorials coming from professionals, experts or enthusiasts. Numerous courses, as well as the video, come with additional content like a detailed information bar, transcription, images to support the lesson or even complementary information.

“In March 2019, SkillShare counted more than 27 000 premium classes as well as 2 000 free available classes.” (Reference:

It is possible to have access to completely free training. Other courses (the majority of them) have a fee with a subscription system. The catalogue is obviously more restrained without subscription than the premium version, but you will already have something to do.


OpenClassrooms is a platform that offers training focused on the acquisition of skills from growing professions in the digital field. The content is produced in-house, by schools, universities, business partners like Microsoft or IBM or by volunteers.

“Three million users sign in each month on OpenClassrooms.” (Reference:

The themes are varied, you will find for example design, marketing, communication and project management. There are of courses available. The so-called “diplomate” training courses, that are carried out over many months up to a year where the objective is to learn a job. These paid training courses are a way to reorientate yourself or to add a compliment to your professional baggage. The training said “free access lessons” are completely free and available to everyone. These lessons go from 4 to 70 hours according to the domains and certificates delivered at the end of these.


If you feel the soul of a developer, then is Grafikart something for you. It is a platform axed on web development offering more than 550 hours of tutorials and videos. The training is for the most part free, some need a premium account to have access to specific practical work. However, it is possible to have access to the theory, no matter what happens. Some video tutorials designed by amateurs are also available and enrich the content of the platform.


The last platform that we would like to show you is Udemy. It is created in 2010 and provides 33 million learning videos. The platform offers very varied courses and allows you to learn about varied subjects and also offers some certification. Make the most of web development for example (JavaScript, Python, WordPress, PHP, Node.JS, CSS, Angular, React, …) or digital marketing (SEA, Google Ads certification, SEO, social media, Google Analytics, emailing, e-commerce, …).

“In January 2020, the website counted more than 50 million students and 57 000 lessons in 65 languages.” (Reference:

It is however difficult to determine easily on the platform which courses are free or not. This is why we advise going through Udemy free courses to have access to the catalogue of exclusively free courses.


You will have understood it, these days it is very simple to find free online tools enabling guided learning. It was already booming in the past recent years, the Covid crisis has permitted the transition to accelerate, but mainly to convince a high number of people of the interest distance learning has. Above the satisfaction of learning new things, this format gives you many advantages. Mainly free, manage your time as you wish. With this type of training, you can learn in all tranquillity, when you want and from home, without it being a chore.

We have shown you our favourite platforms focused on digital marketing but no worries. , be sure that whatever your chosen field is, there are high chances that you will find something you like. There are indeed many courses, certified or not in varied domains. Whether you want to fill a gap, be more knowledgeable in your domain, broaden your culture or have an advantage in the work market, don’t wait! In addition to nourishing your curiosity or expanding your CV, reinforcing continuously your skills or learning new ones can only be beneficial. Whatever your motivations are, you now have a catalogue full of suggestions available, so do not hesitate anymore!

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