Welcome to Bees Boost! Our mission is to help small local businesses thrive. We do this by boosting their communications with the help of our talented students. They work on a variety of assignments, including website design, social networking, content creation and more!

Our unique approach allows students to gain professional experience while giving small organisations access to innovative communication. We take care of project management from A to Z: from brief to delivery. To guarantee the quality of deliverables, each assignment is supervised by one of our project managers and reviewed by an expert in the field.

By choosing Bees Boost, you can be sure that your projects will be in safe hands and that you will benefit from a dynamic and passionate team that will meet your communication needs.

Why choose us?

In today’s fast-moving world, visibility is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. We want to help small businesses reach their full potential by boosting their communications and strengthening their online presence. We provide you with young talent, supervised by passionate experts who have mastered the latest trends and knowledge in the field.

Thanks to their skills in graphic design, photography, web design, social networking and much more, they are ready to support you in your communication strategy to give your business a boost.

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We're committed to providing top-notch services. Our talent is handpicked, and every assignment is reviewed by a professional.

Customer satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority, and our project managers guide you every step of the way.


We aim to boost your visibility and set you apart with innovative ideas and staying current with industry trends.

Why "Bees Boost" ?

Why is it called Bees Boost? The word “Bees” means bee. “Boost”, on the other hand, can have several meanings, such as “to increase”, “to stimulate” and “to improve”. So, what’s the connection? Bees enable evolution by ensuring the survival of plants by pollinating them. They are therefore the guarantors of diversity on earth, with 80% of plants depending on their actions.

At Bees Boost, students are our bees, helping small businesses to boost their communications. By increasing their visibility, students help businesses to grow and become the guarantors of entrepreneurial diversity.

What makes us so unique ?

At Bees Boost, we’re different because we believe that innovative communication shouldn’t be out of reach (and especially out of price) for small businesses. We are committed to providing quality solutions at affordable prices, thanks to our young and dynamic team.

We believe in personalised service and individual project management for each client. The aim is to ensure that each assignment is tailored to the specific needs of the business. We provide frequent reports on the progress of each project so that you are kept informed in real time. What’s more, to guarantee the quality of every service we provide, we can rely on our network of experts to ensure that every project meets your quality requirements.

We are proud to contribute to the development of small local businesses while enabling the next generation to fulfil their potential. We also offer our students ongoing training, so that they stay at the cutting edge of the latest trends and techniques in communications. In this way, we increase their chances of finding their first job quickly after graduation.

Hello everyone !

I founded Bees Boost out of a deep-seated conviction: every company, whatever its size, deserves high-quality communications and a stronger online presence. Our mission is to turn this belief into reality.

Our name, ‘Bees Boost’, is a tribute to bees, the tireless creatures that ensure nature’s diversity by pollinating plants. In the same way, our students are ‘bees’ who work tirelessly to boost the communication of small businesses and help them to prosper.

Our uniqueness lies in our commitment to making communication innovation accessible and affordable to everyone. We focus on creativity, quality, and personalised service to guarantee your satisfaction.

We are proud to play a part in the development of small local businesses and in training the next generation of communications professionals.

Join us on an adventure where innovation, quality and passion are at the heart of everything we do.

With gratitude,

Méline fondatrice

Méline Djender

Founder of Bees Boost


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