3 advices to improve your website


3 advices to improve your website

Today, whatever your sector of activity is, having your own website is essential to make yourself known. From the design to your written and visual content, everything must be meticulously thought and selected. Your website must reflect your environment and be intelligently designed, as all these elements are essential to attract prospects and strengthen your ranking in search results. The theme of a website is an element that can make a difference to a user… Don’t forget that a website is first and foremost a tool to convert a visitor into a customer. It is on this platform that your customer’s experience is played out! It is therefore important to organize it well and make an impact from the very first impression.

Although tastes and colours are not in question, there are still certain rules to be respected when designing a site. Too many photos, little text, whether or not to insert videos, which colours to choose, etc… how to make the right choices? All these elements need to be thought out carefully, only few companies seem to know this. If you’re here, you’ve probably already asked yourself the question… You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we give you our 3 tips to improve your website or create an already optimized one, here they are…

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1. A coherent and harmonic design

The design of a website has an influence on the customer experience and the activities of a company. When designing or improving a website, it is important to think carefully about its graphic charter and layout. It may seem trivial, but these elements reveal a lot of information about your brand. Whether it’s its positioning, the type of goods or services you offer, every detail of your design must refer to a piece of information. Your design must thus reflect your sector of activity. For example, a website that sells cheap products will seek to highlight this characteristic. It may therefore use red as a colour to catch the user’s attention on this point. This striking colour can convey a message quickly because it is an eye-catching colour. Whereas a company that is committed to environmental and sustainable values will opt for colours that are reminiscent of nature such as green or brown.

“Marketing makes extensive use of colors as a strategic tool, appealing to the collective unconscious to broadcast an image, transmit a message, share values.”» (source: 1min30.com)

As soon as a user visits your site, he must be able to identify the “5W” in the process. Through this quick reading, your services and values must be understood. Your graphic charter, your visual content and your different pages must quickly deliver this information.  As far as visual elements are concerned, the first thing that comes to mind are images. On your site, you need to use this type of content to illustrate what you are saying.  Pictures help potential customers to visualize the product or service you are selling.  But be careful, don’t overuse them and think SEO, optimize your photos! Your website should not look like an Instagram page. 


The choice of colour and the visual content contributes to the design of your website but there are other elements to be taken into account as well. Your layout guides the user in his reading. Let’s make a small parenthesis on the layout of your text and photo blocks. The correct arrangement of these elements allows you to air out your content and helps your audience to access information quickly. In order to lighten the reading experience for your visitors, you must pay attention to your text component. The magic word is balance.  Think about both the distribution and the amount of text you will integrate into your website, don’t make your page too heavy by proposing too many text parts without leaving white space or integrating visual content that sums up your idea.

 “80% of people who watch a video will be able to remember it even a month later, with 12% of them eventually buying the product promoted in the video”. (source: solutions.lesechos.fr)

Lastly, don’t hesitate to insert other types of content such as video that improves your search engine ranking. The impact of videos is therefore even more important than the one of photos. You can always present your ideas in an original and understandable way to your audience. Thanks to this format, your message will be well understood by your public.

2. Search engine optimization

Is your company a victim of bad referencing? Are you looking for a solution?  Here it is: improve and take care of your SEO! If you are already aware of the opportunity offered by this tool, this is a good start! And for those who discover it, general SEO will allow an optimization of your website and a better positioning in the search results. Didn’t you know that? Don’t panic, the rest of this article will give you all the keys to a 100% effective SEO! As mentioned above, the design and content of your website play a crucial role in its optimization. But before making these improvements, you must first follow a classic structure with headers, titles, tags, etc.

These different elements, supplied by carefully chosen keywords, will increase your positioning on search engines.

“It is said that a site is well optimized or referenced if it is in the top positions of a search engine on the desired queries.” (source: seo.fr)

Other features can also improve your visibility. For example, inbound and outbound links will not only allow users to acquire more information but also give you the opportunity to send them to your other networks. These links are used to encourage your visitors to browse your site and to display you on other sites. But SEO strategy is much more than that… As you could read in our first article (if you haven’t read it yet here’s the link). There are other actions you can undertake…CTAs (Call To Action) are essential for sending leads in specific sections but also for pushing them to buy. So put them to good effect on your site! And finally, don’t forget to work on your local SEO. It is surely thanks to this leverage that your conversion rate and your visibility can see a considerable improvement! This is because people near you are the most likely to consume your goods and services.

If there is one last point to mention, and not the least, it would be the creation of text pages. Always with this website optimization in mind, the blog is a good tool to achieve this. Companies tend to underestimate them because there are far too many of them. But in your opinion, why are there so many of them? Well, it’s because this leverage allows you to be even more visible on search engines. When a person does a research on the internet, an important list of blogs also appears among the results. This platform also allows you to offer more qualitative, more exclusive content and becomes your company’s own media: without an intermediary, you can express yourself and cultivate your audience.

3. Accessibility in the broad sense

Time… We live in a society where everything goes very fast and where the consumer is no longer patient. Easy access to information is one of his expectations that is not often taken into account by companies. On your website, you need to display clear and concise content, because the user is looking for simplicity: both in understanding and in execution. It is therefore important that your home page, as well as the various sections that make up your website, are clear, concise and coherent. Each page of your website must comply with this requirement. Your content must be presented in a simple way, do not overload it with an excess of unnecessary information. Think about integrating a “3 clicks” menu, if your site is optimized for the user experience, your potential customers will have easy access to the information they are looking for. But what is the “3 clicks” menu? It is a website menu design rule which suggests that a visitor should be able to find any information in three clicks.

“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load its pages.” (source: neilpatel.com)

As we have just mentioned, our society is always on the move, everything is going faster and faster: this is exactly the reason why if you want to get more visits to your website, make sure that your pages load quickly. Think about your potential visitor as a capricious child waiting for his ice cream: if it takes too long to come, he gets angry and can’t hold on any longer! In this case, he will leave your website before he has even found what he was looking for. To avoid this situation, consider optimizing the performance of your website by adapting it to different formats (mobile computer, tablet, etc.).  The importance of page loading speed is due to the fact that more and more researches are carried out via a mobile phone. This format delivers information faster because its operating system is more powerful. In this sense, your website will be more efficient and will be able to deliver information quickly.

“We must always be aware that between 15% and 20% of the population suffer from a disability of one form or another: visual disability, hearing one…”.

Another aspect to be taken into account when talking about accessibility on a website concerns blind people or people with disabilities in general. They are also your customers! Have you ever thought about improving your website for this audience? If your answer is no, don’t worry, there are several tools and guides that can help you in this process.


There you go! You’ve just seen that when designing or improving your website, you need to think about SEO, user experience (aesthetics play a big role) and always simplify and air out your content! Don’t forget that first of all you must convince the visitor to stay on your website and to be interested in your content. To do this, propose an original design without ignoring its structure and without putting aside what makes your company unique, its touch, its “personality” and its brand image. The user must be able to recognize and identify you through your different contents and at the same time access the information he is looking for quickly. 

During the creation of your website or its improvement, take the time to check that each of these elements meet these various expectations. All your information must be clearly visible and understood by your visitors. We hope that with our 3 tips you will not only optimize your website and ranking but also improve the navigation of visitors on your different pages. Do you already have a website for yourself or for your company? Have you already applied these tips? If not, which tip will you apply first? If you have any tips to share with us, don’t hesitate! Does the design of a website influence your navigation? Tell us more about it, we look forward to hearing from you.

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